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Real Crypto Coin is committed to developing it own digital economic system which is built on using its own digital currency,RCC. Real Crypto Coin offers exciting new opportunities not only to create but also to preserve wealth. It can be safely stored in wallets built for the cloud, Android, iOS and PC and it can be transferred directly to anyone instantly at virtually no cost – without banks, without chargebacks. The system is already capable of handling up to 3,900 transactions per second. The foundations of this new economic community have been laid. Real Crypto Coin can monitor their transactions through our own block explorer. RCC are listed and freely traded on several coin exchanges. RCC are being accepted online by a fast growing number of merchants using e-marketplaces in more and more and more countries.




REAL Crypto Coin is a new Ethereum Smart-Contracts governed ecosystem that applies Blockchain technologies to the enormous crypto Currency industry, giving greater access to global investment in Real Crypto Currency, lowering barriers to entry, and increasing market liquidity. It will offer an effective method of investing and securing the value of the existing 150-200 Billion USD equivalent in cryptocurrency into the less volatile and growing crypto market by generating rental income and value appreciation."

Real Crypto Coin is a dynamic startup company committed to the development of a new digital economic community. Members of this global community enjoy the benefits of using our own fast-growing digital money, Real Coin, and may secure their wealth through Real Crypto Coin.

Within 30 years, 90% of all small and medium-size companies and shops will do their business online – using new, digital methods of marketing, advertising, promotion and payments. Most conventional payment methods cannot keep up with the fast growth of online commerce. Internet needs a new type of money – at a time when global money needs internet.

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